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Sheeting & Cladding

Sheeting & Cladding

Roof Cladding

Metal roof systems come in many forms of construction; our service includes design, management and delivery, ensuring that you specify and instruct the correct roof build, understanding the building's requirements and system capabilities, factoring in budget, thermal efficiency, structural needs and logistics. Our operatives are proud to be approved by all leading manufacturers ensuring our team is accredited and recognized by industry leaders as a team who can deliver to the highest standard.

Wall Cladding

There are many types of cladding construction available to the market, from simple industrial cladding systems to modern architectural rain screen systems, our team are able to offer fully designed systems improving the façade of your building and ensure you are supported in relation to technical manufacturers' specification.

Strip and Resheet

Every roof is subject to wear and tear, such as damage from ordinary and extraordinary weather, natural lifespan decay of materials or damage from animals. Stripping off existing roofing materials and re-sheeting allows the owner of a property replace a damaged, decayed or out-of-date roof with modern materials. This will often offer numerous advantages such as improved insulation, better roof safety, and removing asbestos, as well as the obvious advantages of having an effective and well-sealed roof.

Rooflight replacement

Replace cracked, damaged or ageing roof lights and feel the benefits of modern materials. Replacement roof lights can usually be fitted on the existing frame or upstand, reducing the cost of upgrading your property. New roof lights offer many advantages over older models including increased fire safety, a reduction in heat loss and lower ongoing maintenance. Moreover, as roof lights age, they often become cloudy, discoloured or tinted, reducing the amount of light entering the building.

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